Our Story

Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer has served as senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church for more than 33 years. During his decades of ministry, Dr. Ulmer has focused much of his work on the healing of his community and the bringing together of diverse leaders of Los Angeles to address social challenges and traumas that afflict members of his congregation.

“Violence and trauma have torn apart our communities, our nation and our world, enough is enough, now is the time to stand together, in unity, towards the goal of addressing the challenge of trauma once and for all” Dr. Ulmer was recently quoted as saying.

The vision for The Ulmer Institute was inspired by an experience Founder Dr. Ulmer had in Israel. It began in a flash as a rocket exploded in Tel Aviv directly over his head and he and his team saw the terrifying power of terrorism and the incredible resilience of the Israeli people in response. Dr. Ulmer quickly learned that there is something profound and unique about the methods Israel utilizes to manage community psychological health and resiliency. Rather than treating psychological trauma as strictly a military issue, Israeli society has chosen to address it as a community issue that commands action from all levels of society. Dr. Ulmer was deeply inspired and upon his return to the United States, connected with IDF Chief Psychologist Dr. Eyal Fruchter whom has since become a trusted advisor and partner in translating Israeli hope and health solutions to some of the most psychologically traumatized communities in the United States.

Our Vision

Striving to be the world’s leader in addressing urban psychological trauma through research, treatment, and training.