What We Do

Development of resilience through methods of psycho-education developed by Israeli Psychologist Dr. Eyal Fruchter in middle and high school youth.

  1. Conduct mental preparedness trainings taught by TUI psychologist with a focus on psycho-education i.e. training individuals how to address trauma in a way that does not result in PTSD or trauma spectrum disorders.
  2. An on-going internet based program that deals with prevention of PTSD and complex trauma as an active topic, including case reports and learning opportunities from various traumatic events in the community.
  3. Partner with community based anti-violence organizations to lessen prevalence of trauma in communities.
  4. Training youth who will eventually be certified as basic “mental shield” providers to respond to trauma in themselves and in schools and other community organizations.

Development of a Trauma Helpline with volunteers trained to counsel victims in the immediate aftermath of trauma.

  1. The Helpline developed in partnership with Israeli partners and based on successful Israeli Helplines that have been helpful in addressing trauma.
  2. The Helpline focuses on the healing process in moments immediately after a TRAUMATIC EVENT.
  3. Volunteer counselors will be a voice of hope for victims of trauma through patient specific phone counseling sessions; counseling sessions will eventually end with: i) a determination that the client is in no further need of counseling. ii) a referral to a TUI psychologist for more extensive traditional counseling.